Justice and Policing in Australia - Measurement of Police Performance

Steller Dirk/Promberger Kurt
Working Paper No. 5, Zentrum für Verwaltungsmanagement, Innsbruck 2003


The organisations responsible for justice and policing in Australia are divided into those funded and controlled by the relevant State and Territory governments, and those funded and controlled by the Federal government.

Part 1 of this working paper reviews the performance measurement system developed by the Australian Productivity Commission, which compares the performance of all State, Territory and Federal police organisations. The Productivity Commission system focuses strongly on survey information to measure the outcomes of police policy.

Part 2 focuses on the outcome and output budgeting framework in the Australian Federal Police, including the purchase agreement with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government for community policing services in the ACT. The budgeting framework links performance measurement to the budget process and includes detailed service delivery targets.

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